{A Slick Hit Job in Dubai|Antonio Mendez, former chief of disguises at the CIA, years ago revealed to CBS News that ultralight latex-type masks that fit completely over the face – and make you look like a completely different person – are real and not figments of the “Mission: Impossible” screenwriters’ imaginations|Raviv is a Washington-based correspondent for CBS News and host of radio’s Weekend Roundup|The Predator has excellent cameras aboard and can be directed to launch Hellfire missiles with devastating accuracy by operators at videogame-type consoles in comfortably air conditioned control rooms in the U.S|The Mossad took a calculated risk|In the Dubai caper, that involved stealing or borrowing the identities of genuine Israelis who were entitled to passports from their families’ original home countries|To the extent that intelligence chiefs pause to measure morality, they contend that ending the life of one enemy activist with little or no collateral damage is far better than waiting to encounter him on a battlefield or watch the lethal results of his terrorist plans|There is also no getting around the fact that in this day and age, authorities can check almost instantly with other governments on whether travel documents are genuine or bogus|The members of the hit team – at least a dozen men and two women – can be assumed to have been wearing disguises at every moment they were caught on camera|

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