Message From Principal

Dear Parent’s /Guardians’s

Thank you for choosing New Life Vision  Eng. Boa. School for child. We welcome you to the large school family which comprises of the teachers, pupils and parent’s / of New Life Vision  School. Our hope is that while your child is with us that he/she will develop into mature, happy, responsible young adult who is prepared to face the future with confidence.

The school acknowledge that parent’s /guardians are the primary educators; as a professional body of teachers, the staff of  New Life Vision School works in co-operation with the student and the home to help each individual pupil to reach his/her potential. We view education as the development of the whole child-attention/emphasis is placed not the intellectual development but also on the pupil’s physical social and spiritual development.

Each student is a unique individual with special gifts and talents-we hope that with motivation, encouragement and hard work that all our students will discover their individual talents.

All we strive to achieve is carried out the guidance of New Life Vision. A concern for those less fortunate than our selves  is promoted within the school. Respect for each individual within the school community is also a core value within New Life Vision.

One of our core beliefs about academic success is that hard work, determination and consistent effort key element in achieving  success; all of the above is only possible within a firm but fair code of discipline.

We are proud of our students and no about you child will make a significant contribution to New Life Vision.

I look forward to meeting you this Summer when i will answer any questions which you may have and where i will have the opportunity to explain in greater detail the structures which operate in the school.

“success nourishes  them. They  can because they  think they can”.