Rules & Regulation

The objective of the school is to provides student-centered, relevant, modern Nepalese education that will sustain the student not only in the school and higher education  but throughout their lives. Therefore the education here will be apolitical, non-commercial  and secular, and the students, hopefully, would care for better values such as nation integration, patriotism , cultured behavior, humane attitude, empathy, compassion , peaceful  co-existence, truth and non-violence.


All this would not happen without formation of certain rules leading all of us towards inner discipline  behavior. Outer discipline does encourage human beings to look within for answers, and leads them gradually towards inner discipline. We are sure that you agree with this too. let us all co-operate, the teachers and the parents together to gently lead our children, our hope, towards  enlightenment.

  • During class time, no student leaves the school premise without the Principal’s permission. Students  may not leave classroom  without the teacher’s permission, which ordinarily will not be granted.
  • At no time should students be found playing, running chasing each other etc, in the corridors, in the classrooms or in the hall.
  • During school hour, all have to speak in English And Nepali a all time.
  • Students coming to school without doing their  homework, without books  or found misbehaving in class are likely to be kept school hours. For students of Grade- L K G to V prior warning will be given, for students  of Grade -VI to X, no prior warning will be given if kept after school.
  • All the parents/guardians are encouraged to give the suggestions and feedback for improvement . However it is not possible to entertain everyone during the school hours Parents/Guardians can  meet us after school time. To save  everyone’s time, all the parents/guardians are kindly requested to take prior appointment from reception to meet any Teacher/Co-ordinator /Vice-Principal/Principal/Director.
  • Parents are particularly requested to sign  diary and ensure that student has completed all the home works. Parents are also requested  to read and sign all the notice/messages shared through diary. failure to do so may  put their children to great inconvenience.
  • The school shall not be held responsible for books, money, cloths, watches and any other articles that are lost. Students must look after their own belongings. It is not advisable for the students to have money, valuable articles or jewelry with them.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the school premises. Any student found carrying a mobile phone will be  confiscated and heavy penalty will be levied on the parents.
  • Criticisms  of teachers or of the school in children’s presence should be avoided. Please meet the Principal with prior appointment regarding such matters.
  • Parents & Guardians are specially requested to notify (in writing) the school authority for any changes in their contact number(s).

Attendance and absenteeism:

  • Attendance  in school is compulsory on every school day, including Saturdays  used as replacement classes and for all official school activities.
  • The students with below 75% attendance  my not be allowed to give the final terminal examination.
  • Students must be in school at least 10 minutes before school starts.
  • All students must attend the school assembly.
  • All students must attend the school punctually and regularly. students coming late are liable to be sent home unless in case of an emergency. Late comers should  bring a note of explanation  from their parents & would have to collect a “late slip” from the Principal’s Office before entering class.
  • They must not stay at home with small excuses. sickness, of course is an exception. In case of  longer sickness, the parents must send a letter to the Principal with medical certificate.
  • Students must attend/participate in all organised activities for which they have enrolled, unless permission is granted for them to be absent. The students should be regular with all their submissions (Projects, home work etc.)
  • School discourages parents from taking children out  on holiday during term time & school will be under no obligation to grant the leave.
  • The  School  reserves the right to take any disciplinary action on students who are found to be regularly absent without valid reason(s),
  • No examination/test will be re-conducted in any case. School will  be under no obligations to re-conduct any examination.


Assessment System and collection of Report / Marks Card(s):

  • At New Life Vision, we have effective assessment system that can contribute to improvement of each and every student. Our assessment system is Continuous and Comprehensive. These are intended to provide feedback with respect to how well the student is grasping the concepts being taught.
  •  For students of toddlers no written exam are conducted. The student’s progress is gauged  by their day-to-day activities,  learning outcomes & oral test. For students of Nursery, LKG & UKG student’s progress is gauged by class evaluations (day to day activities), oral test & written test.
  • No students will be allowed to appear the term exam(s) without valid admit card.
  • Term end Marks card/ Final examination Marks  card of a student  should be collected   from the school personally by the parents/appointed guardian and not by any other person. Term end Marks card/Final Marks card will be distributed on a particular day and parents/guardians are requested to come on time. Incase any parent/guardian fails to come on time; he /she may request the school management in writing, for  arrangement of another meeting. however school management will be under no obligations to arrange any other meeting.
  • We follow the grading system and students scoring ‘Grade-E’ will not be promoted higher classes.
  • No examination/test will be re-conducted in any case. School will be under no  obligations to re-conduct any examination


Rules  related to computer Lab:

  • Students must conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times. Frivolous activities, mischievous behavior, throwing items, and conducting pranks are prohibited.
  • lab computers are for academic purpose only. Do not temper with the computer setting. follow the Internet  safety guidelines. No mailing, chatting, game playing, downloading, objectionable websites, streaming video, or non-related school usage.
  • Lab and safety information and procedures must be read ahead of time. All verbal and written instructions shall be followed in carrying out the activity or investigation.
  • Eating, drinking, gum chewing, applying cosmetics, manipulating contact lenses, and other unsafe activities are not permitted in the laboratory.
  • Working in the laboratory without the instructor present is prohibited.
  • Willful damage to any lab properties/equipment’s will  attract penalties.
  • Unauthorized activities or investigations are prohibited. unsupervised work is not permitted.

Rules related to transportation facilities:

  • While it is not feasible to drop and pick up students from their doorstep, we do try and  accommodate the nearest bus stop for everyone keeping in mind the timings and routes.
  • Fee applicable for transportation is decided based on drop and pickup point. Incase any parent  wishes to change the drop and pikup point in the mind-session, has to submit an application to be transport In-charge. the school administration will decide based on availability of seats in   new route. Once the application is approved, fee will be charged as per the new drop and pickup point. Incase application is rejected, no fee will be adjusted/refunded.
  • You will be invoiced every quarter for both ways even if your child travels one way.
  • In case of withdrawal  from school transport, parent must inform the school authority in the written and fee applicable for one quarter (3  months) will be charged.
  • routes are subject to undergo revision (any time) by the school administration.
  • On the specific day, buses will go for servicing and on that particular day, parents are requested to drop and pick up their children  on their own. Regarding this particular day, school will inform the parents in advance.
  • Student will be handed over to the person in possession of pick-up ID card. If the person is not carrying the student’s pickup card, will be required to comes to  come to the schools office and present identification.
  • It is responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify, the transport in -charge in writing, any changes in their information related to transportation.
  • The school observes all safety precautions and utmost care is taken to avoid accidents. The school cannot be held responsible for accident of any nature in the school laboratories, playground or anywhere on campus and around it or in the School transport vehicles. No reimbursement of charges would be made towards any medical treatment.

Uniform :

  • Wearing neat and clean uniforms during school hours is compulsory.
  • Proper school uniform is mandatory, under penalty of exclusion from the classroom except on birthdays and special occasion. Unusual haircuts, coloured hair, beards and improper footwear are valid reasons for denial of admission to class. girls with long hair should braid their hair.
  • student to wear school uniform for four days (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) with black leather shoes and white socks. On  Tuesday and Friday,  all the students including boys and girls must wear house T-shirt as specified as under with the same lower uniform i.e blue trouser with white canvas shoes and white socks.